Friday, January 29, 2016

He Made it To Africa!

I met two other elders at JFK. So yea when I got to JFK I walked to my gate and had to get in a line to have my gate ticket stamped with saying I had my visa for the third time. So I haven’t gotten to read any of your letters this is just to say I’m alive I made it to Africa.

This place is crazy with a capital C the English accents are so thick it’s so funny the two other elders can't understand a thing. It’s kind of funny working with Rafet paid off haha. Even on the plane the spirit was helping me I have a cool story but ill share it later. I want you to know that driving here is not driving even at my worst days of driving i was " a reaallllly good driver." The MTC is nice. Its muggy outside but it’s nice and warm. oh hey MTC Prez says go to here to see I think he’s going to put pics up that you can see me and elder Fracier. French is cool here I can feel it kind of coming back to me. Every day we get to play soccer at 3 haha awesome so hopefully three pairs of shorts is good. I’ll send pics next time I get to email. I Love you guys so much. Hope you are doing well.

Monday, January 25, 2016

3 Days Before Take Off

Thank you to everyone who came to my farewell. I appreciate all the love and support that has been shown. I can not wait to leave for the Ghana MTC on Thursday.

My email address is  I would love to hear from you.