Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MTC Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling Champ!

Hello Everyone,

Well what happened this week... Lots happened. Yesterday I found out that I ate donkey meat the other week. I saw two donkeys.

I’m kind of the undefeated champion of arm wrestling champ. I have 15 wins and my loss is under review cuz he was under the table pulling his other arm down and it was my 6th fight of the night. So say what you want I’m going to keep my title. 

Oh Ghana had blue skies it was awesome to see the blue.

The days are starting to click by faster and faster... exciting and scary. But I can’t wait to get to the field. Oh when I was reading a Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet in French and I under stood like 90% of what I was reading and the rest of it I could infer it was awesome. I got to go to the temple again this morning.

The Gas stations here are all full service its different ha-ha 

Well Love you all have a great week

 My mom will put up an arm wrestling video on my blog.  



Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

Friday, February 19, 2016

Elder Stephens playing soccer & trying to video too

Elder Stephens playing soccer in the MTC with another Elder that plays for a club team in Ghana.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

22 More Days in the MTC

Hello Friends and family,

Well I'm still alive. So the two weekers left today. Last time when the elders were leaving it was crazy and the elders in my room didn't sleep... but we stomped out any of those outbreaks so we could sleep :) I got a haircut.
So did the other elders in my district. It feels so nice to have shorter hair. So to go get hair cuts we had to go and walk to the barber shop and LEAVE THE MTC haha it was different. The barber I think gave us a discount for 15 cides and the exchange rate is 3.5-4 cides for​ 1 US dollar. So they were pretty good prices haha. And that's for our style of hair cut the African style is cheaper and most of the elders cut their hair themselves so its even cheaper... but they do it here... in our showers... and that just makes things grody. but its ok since they are leaving it will be cleaned and just the 6 members of the Amaron district will be at the MTC. 
Oh year Elder Fraser man... so he got bit by a something he's the one on the far right of me in the picture. His foot swoll up so bad and Elder Alexander and I combined got over 100 mosquito bites and he gets one bite and then has to have extra pills and then the doctor came and gave him a shot in his butt haha. Ouch. Oh Africa. We went to the temple and it was awesome. We got to eat cake on Valentines Day! Well I love you guys and hopefully you are being safe were you are love you
Elder Stephens
Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

Monday, February 15, 2016

President Curtis Comes to Visit

I finally have a group shot of the whole Ghana MTC! They had a visitor, President Curtis and his family came to visit. They all lined up to meet him.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Super Handshake

Africa is a Special Place

Bonjour friends and family

Africa is a special place ... 

the culture is so very different from ours. They are touchy and love to share things.... like things you wouldn't share they share and yea also be prepared to have people looking over your shoulder too ;) 

Here in Ghana it is very very hot I don't sleep with a blanket. or even a sheet. unless its below 31.5 degrees C which it has and so I've gotten cold and put it on haha. but it usually doesn't. or to defend against the evil mosquitos. yea we had an outbreak and the American elders got hit hard well me and elder Alexander he had over 70 I just had 20.

The food here is spicy, why to make you sweat or as the chef told me she said you wouldn't like it if it wasn't spicy she's funny. I still think its to make you sweat so your body will evap the sweat and you cool off however.... its too stinking humid for that to be effective. 

For the showers I shower three times a day and I've gone through two whole bars of soap !!!!!!!! I think that is crazy. Yes I take cold showers but it is totally by choice it could be hot but its too hot to take hot showers.

Water I drink 2+ litters of water a day that helps with the food adjustment and your body coping with the heat. Our water is from an African company is delivered by a truck like the sparkletts truck. The MTC uses lots of water.

We have  an hour sports time at 330 and we can ride bikes play soccer basket ball or chase the cool lizards. If I can get the videos to send I will. 

I love the emails they are awesome, I wish I could respond to them all but I don't have enough time.... cuz I'm trying to learn French. haha 

Sundays hear are really cool we watch a bunch of church videos and go to meetings but its pretty relaxing. I went to the temple today and escorted my comp it was pretty awesome it was in French so I had an English head set but I made it so I could hear the French and English it was cool.

I would love letters.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Ghana Missionary Training Center
Community 10 Junction, Hospital Road

Monday, February 8, 2016

Learning to Love

I love to hear from you all so I thought I heard a way you could write an email and it would be printed out and handed to the missionary. (it’s

That would be awesome because it’s so crazy here and I don’t think I’ll ever be allowed to have enough time to read all the mail I’ve received.

Learning to love is so important on your mission super important. The computer is having a hard time sending pictures so I’ll send the ones I can. I took some cool videos but I’ll figure out how to send them later. I hope you guys are doing well I’m trying to figure out what to say in these letters is so difficult cuz lots happening.

French is going slow which is difficult to cope with. My mission president is cool.

My teachers are both native French speakers and that’s cool too.

Africa is so freaking different. 

The food is spicy and we have had busy schedules.

Sorry it’s been very crazy here I will get to email you on Tuesday or Wednesday. I Love you guys so much I just want you to know I’m so grateful for the letters you had the boys write. I needed them yesterday.

Thank you for all your emails, love, prayers, and support,

Elder Stephens