Monday, June 26, 2017

Crab Legs

Hello everyone this week was crazy, oh so on Monday to start out we had crabs when i finished writing home my comp and i each at 1.5 crabs in America that would cost maybe 20 bucks well you would think the same thing here normally yes but we found a lady who sold them to us for 1000fcfa that comes out to a huge 2 dollars ha-ha so we bought them again this week and some massive i mean massive shrimp. Other than that point, this week was busy we were driving all around Douala to talk to our amis we have a really big sector. We had to go out to pk14 (sounds like peka 14) it turns out that we believe each pk is a kilometer so on our way back we decided to walk from pk12 to pk10 it was like a long walk. This week our mission president is changing kind of crazy I’ve obviously never had that before and nobody in this mission knows what that's like hopefully we will get to meet him in a week or two so that's cool. Well we got a sweet contact who is a university student and he likes to play tennis so we are seeing a ton of potential with him. I love you guys I know that the book of Mormon is true and that if we do our best the lord will help us fill in the gaps. I love you all thank you for all of your support.

Love Elder Stephens

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