Tuesday, February 16, 2016

22 More Days in the MTC

Hello Friends and family,

Well I'm still alive. So the two weekers left today. Last time when the elders were leaving it was crazy and the elders in my room didn't sleep... but we stomped out any of those outbreaks so we could sleep :) I got a haircut.
So did the other elders in my district. It feels so nice to have shorter hair. So to go get hair cuts we had to go and walk to the barber shop and LEAVE THE MTC haha it was different. The barber I think gave us a discount for 15 cides and the exchange rate is 3.5-4 cides for​ 1 US dollar. So they were pretty good prices haha. And that's for our style of hair cut the African style is cheaper and most of the elders cut their hair themselves so its even cheaper... but they do it here... in our showers... and that just makes things grody. but its ok since they are leaving it will be cleaned and just the 6 members of the Amaron district will be at the MTC. 
Oh year Elder Fraser man... so he got bit by a something he's the one on the far right of me in the picture. His foot swoll up so bad and Elder Alexander and I combined got over 100 mosquito bites and he gets one bite and then has to have extra pills and then the doctor came and gave him a shot in his butt haha. Ouch. Oh Africa. We went to the temple and it was awesome. We got to eat cake on Valentines Day! Well I love you guys and hopefully you are being safe were you are love you
Elder Stephens
Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

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