Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Arm Wrestling Champ!

Hello Everyone,

Well what happened this week... Lots happened. Yesterday I found out that I ate donkey meat the other week. I saw two donkeys.

I’m kind of the undefeated champion of arm wrestling champ. I have 15 wins and my loss is under review cuz he was under the table pulling his other arm down and it was my 6th fight of the night. So say what you want I’m going to keep my title. 

Oh Ghana had blue skies it was awesome to see the blue.

The days are starting to click by faster and faster... exciting and scary. But I can’t wait to get to the field. Oh when I was reading a Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet in French and I under stood like 90% of what I was reading and the rest of it I could infer it was awesome. I got to go to the temple again this morning.

The Gas stations here are all full service its different ha-ha 

Well Love you all have a great week

 My mom will put up an arm wrestling video on my blog.  



Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

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