Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello from Brazzaville!

Friends & Family,                                                                                                      

So I’m in Brazza =) its hot here. But at night it cools down so it’s really nice. So what’s my schedule like well its starts at 530 with an apartment prayer then we work out till 6 and then breakfast and get ready till 7 and then it’s studying for the next four hours because I’m training. Then lunch. And then were off. And we walk and walk. We have money for taxis but I don’t know if my companion likes to use them cuz we haven’t yet I’ve walked so much but it’s ok cuz I’ll lose weight if I don’t drink soda but I do cuz it’s good here we have Fanta in these glass bottles and they are 60 cl so bigger than the plastic bottles but the same price. They also have this stuff called planet and that is the bomb. It’s like they took the African fruit and put it in the bottle its awesome. It’s not annana season.... we found that out the hard way and we had to walk like 3 miles to find that out and then 3.5 miles to go home.... 

We eat this sandwich its called vinande hashe (I butchered the spelling) it’s like a over a foot long subway sandwich with beef and then they put mayo ketchup and some special something it’s like out McDonalds haha.

In Brazza people don’t feed you so we elders make food for ourselves and its good when you have food to eat..... So we’ve been getting home at 7 and then having to go to the market after... and then we finally get dinner at 9:15pm and at that point you really decide if you’re hungry enough. They also slice water melon like 8 times so the slices are huge. Milk... its powered I got a large can just barley smaller than a number 10 can it was expensive.... but I wanted milk. 

We had a baptismal service on Saturday we had a teaching appointment so we didn’t see the beginning but we saw the baptisms themselves. After they gave everyone sandwiches. I don’t know if that’s normal but it was awesome.

Church was good I bore my testimony in French and then we had French classes. 

Oh I got a blister on my Achilles heel.



Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

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