Tuesday, March 1, 2016

One month down si vous plait

Hello Friends and family,

Ok to catch up on some stories. A couple of days ago Sister Brubaker (The MTC Presidents wife)comes in and asks our district to come help her so we finish class and then we go and help her pull a rug out from under her bed, so we did that whatever we go down for lunch. So then we are at snack that night and some elders and sisters complained they were constipated. So the rest of us are suffering eating apples that are not the best... instead of bread or muffins. So Sister Brubaker comes down like normal and she stops at our table so I said holding my apple "Some elders complained that they are constipated and now the rest of us are suffering eating these apples" and she said I’m sorry, Will you follow me to my office? So we did and then she had made us Peanut butter cookies they were so good it was real American sweets. So it made up for the Apples. 

I love my Leatherman. I've taken apart blinds and rebuilt them because the elders... I don’t even know how but they got so many knots in the string but it wouldn’t move so I fixed that and put it back together. Then like a week ago Alexander (ZL) comes in and says “hey can you come with me to fix a door... ok??” His Leatherman philips didn’t fit. So we take the handle off and then there’s a square shaft (I've never taken a door apart) so I’m like well…  I use my pliers and pull the shaft out and then I made sure that both sides could engage. Oh yea so the door wouldn’t work it was essentially locking the elders into their room and they needed someone from the outside to open it, that’s why I was called in. I think the shaft had slid out of place from it been slammed to many times.

This week has been good. I conducted the evening devotional.... that was rough, the meeting was 15 minutes late and then president calls me. So I go up and he’s like why is this and that basically what is happening? Then he’s like oh yea will you conduct. You need to find two prayers and we have two musical numbers and an opening hymn then hand it over to me and then I need you to turn off those three switches and the green one but then I might have you turn the green one back on...... ok president. So I go to get paper and I ask two Frenchmen to say the prayer bad idea and their names were really hard to pronounce. So I got the prayers. So I go back to the front to start the meeting........ Bonjour... (Its night I should have said bonsoir) my name is Prest.... Elder Stephens and I will be conducting so we are going to have an opening hymn then an opening prayer by totally mess the name up. Everyone losses it and I just kept on going a musical number and then I sat down. So we did the song and the prayer and then president turns to me and says go do that again I don’t think they heard you because they were laughing at your pronunciation... ok ... we will now have a musical number we will also then hear from the Brubakers following them we will have another musical number and the closing prayer by elder messed that name up too and then I went to sit by the lights. So then I turn the lights off and of course he had me turn the green one back on... haha then I finally went to go to my seat.... fun stuff.



Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

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