Monday, September 19, 2016

Smile at someone today

Hello Everyone,

                This week was awesome so my companion and I were coming home from our last appointment and met a couple who are in the French branch who are both returned missionaries, and they were on a date to get pizza and they saw us and invited us to have pizza with them it was so cool and then they bought us ice cream it was so nice of them. So yea that was just awesome haha. We are preparing some people to be baptized on the 1st of October it will be interesting because we are doing a district baptism but the other branches speak French so we might do the talking in separate rooms and then have the baptisms together but we are still planning that one. We just got a new investigator who’s a mom with I think two kids and I believe her husband’s possibly interested too. We haven’t met them yet but they live next to a member who is good friends with them and so I hope all goes well with that. On Sunday Elder Tshibanda and I had to speak in church we finished blessing the sacrament and “our first speaker will be Elder Stephens” I turn to my companion “What am I going to speak on?” “I don’t know” “Ok thanks” well I gave my talk and then we sang and then he had to speak too. Then a member of the district presidency got up to speak after him. Gotta love Sundays, I hope that you all had a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week. Be kind to others and smile, a little smile can change your whole day even if you are fake smiling so just try it!


Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission / Cameroun District

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