Monday, October 3, 2016

Small Things

Hello Everyone

This week I studied in the book of Mormon and well Alma and Amuleck are some of my favorite missionaries in the book of Mormon. They had to do hard things, suffer, were beaten, and starved but they did not lose faith in Christ. They stayed strong and in doing that they escaped the prison in which they were bound. I know that we all go through hard times whether it is now or later. I know that if we stay strong and believe in Christ and don’t stop doing the little things we will be blessed. I love the quote “the way you do small things is the way you do all things.” If we don’t take the little things seriously we won’t be able to take the big things seriously. So that was my studies then on Thursday we were invited to go have enchiladas with a couple in our district. They were so good. And then on Saturday we had our baptisms and that was totally awesome. Hope you all have a great week this week love you.


Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission / Cameroun District

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