Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Missionary Work

Hello everyone,

This week was crazy we had our district conference and well being a missionary here sometimes you don’t get to go to them because you can get transferred before you can go to it. I left two weeks before the stake conference in Brazzaville so it just depends on your transfers.

Our district president gave two wonderful talks. I loved the first. He told a story how a couple of weeks ago he was visiting his sister and she has pigs and when he got there that day they talked and then she made something for the pigs and she put a lot of salt in it and then she called out to the pigs and they came right to her. He asked how she trained the pigs to learn her voice she explained how. Then he explained how we need to know our saviors voice and if we don’t ever come and listen to him we won’t know his voice. His second talk was about how when he was a child and learning to fish. He said there are two rules. 1. Don’t make too much noise and 2. Don’t stir up the water. If you do that the fish won’t be able to see the hook. And then you will go home without food. As members of the church we need be good examples. If we aren’t good examples then the people who are looking for the church won’t be able to find it. I know that it is true by our example we can lead people to the saviors church or not.

I am so very grateful to be a missionary and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, but missionaries need help. They need your examples and your willingness to share your love of the gospel with others. And then the missionaries can talk to them and they have a friend in the church is so helpful. I love you all I hope you have a wonderful week.

Love Elder Stephens

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