Tuesday, April 19, 2016


This week has been crazy! I got the French kissy thing (where they kiss each cheek) and a hug from one of our amis I just stood there like a statue cuz I had no idea what to do haha.

We watched conference Sunday. I love what elder Uchdorff said about choosing to be rescued, we need to decide now if we want to be rescued and choose to be rescued by our Savior and take the steps to walk back to him.

We have two amis who are really progressing.

One of our amis has read the entire gospel principles book.... I haven’t even read the whole thing. I’m really hoping he gets baptized on the 7th. We might not get to on that date cuz he hasn’t been to church four times but I’m hoping we will. Our other ami looks like she’ll be baptized in a couple of months. She has some like personal things and idk it sounds like she might move out from the people she’s living with. They aren’t cool with the church so it’s awesome that she is willing to do that. She also came to all four hours of church conference on Sunday and she got there an hour early.... we forgot to tell her about the time change.... but she stayed thank goodness. Well it’s hot and our power is funky. Sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t the washing machine is not usable still and my knuckles are not pleased. We have to have white shirts.

I made bread this morning and I’ve got to make it again tonight. I’m going to be good at making bread when I come home.

The cookie I made was snicker doodle but I just made it into a big pan cuz I didn’t want to roll out cookies and the pan in the pic is the only oven pan we have I think they are going to buy me another cuz I can’t cook African food but I can bake and they seem to like it when I bake so I’m cooking more.

I love your emails and I appreciate all your support love you 


Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

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