Monday, May 23, 2016

First Baptism

Hello Everyone,

This week was awesome we had a Baptism and I baptized my first convert Fr. Vince. It was so awesome and the spirit was strong.  (This is the attached picture)

I want to share a quick story this week about the power of the gift of tongues. On Sunday we were teaching the boyfriend of one of our amis and after I presented myself the first thing he said was I can’t speak French... I don’t know if he couldn’t or choose not to so my companion taught the lesson in Lingala. I can’t speak Lingala if you didn’t know but….. at a point in the lesson the spirit said to me hey talk about this.... why I don’t know. I don’t even know what subject they were actually talking about but I followed the prompting.... wow it was perfect as my companion said.  I know that the spirit will tell us what we need to say or do in all situations we just need to choose to listen and do as he directs.  I love all your letters love you guys have a wonderful week.


Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

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