Monday, May 16, 2016

Two in One

Last Monday Preston was having computer issues. He asked me to put together his letter from the Mother’s Day Skype. Then he wrote this and I didn’t see it until Sunday!! (Yesterday) So I’m sending it out today also.

First letter

Hello everyone The connection today is terrible and it won’t load the church’s website to write president but so is life I got to Elder Legerskis apartment tonight so like in a couple of hours so we will have fun I can't wait my comp is killing me I don't know how I am going to do another 6 weeks if we don't transfer but watch just my luck we'll be together.

We have our interview for our baptism on Thursday and then if he passes on Saturday we will have the baptism I hope that it all works and that he can we've been fasting and praying for a baptism for a long time but that's what happens when you get a new area book. So you have to start from square one with all of your amis I love being here in the Congo it's nice weather once you get a good burn layer on. I obviously have one so all is good my head is another story so it might not ever be able to short like at home cuz the sun is just really strong here. I looking at buy a new pair of pants because the ones i have now are just huge haha and they look bad because they are so big I can't believe I used to fit in them haha my shirts are just going to have to do because I don’t have the money to buy new shirts cuz it's expensive and hard to find good white shirts. And mine fit they just need to be slim fit now not hulk status. That is what happens to Elders that come to Brazzaville heavy or anywhere in my mission you work and walk all day eat less food and when you do eat it's more vegetarian based cuz that’s cheaper. But such is life here in the Brazzaville mission. We got water but then they turned it off again. I really wonder who is in charge here. I've heard the other apartments sometimes have power but it's on a schedule of 2 days on one day off. At least that's regular haha. Well I love you all I hope you have a great day and week I can't wait to hear from you guys stay safe and choose the right.

Oh thank you so much for being ready to Skype I’m so grateful we were able to and that we were blessed with no technical difficulties.

Second Letter

Hello, I bought new pants ($10) that hopefully will fit me and not look terribly baggy on me cuz I’ve lost so much weight. I also found my short sleeve suit coat <3. I am waiting to purchase it at the end of my mission when I can barter better. I am so sorry to hear about Boaz. I had a feeling he wouldn’t be there when I got back. The dogs here are abused and miserable. It’s hard for me to see them the way they are.

This week we have a baptism yay!!!! I’m so excited for that. And we have water now that’s been on for two days and the washing machine is working better so this week was pretty awesome. We are also teaching family home evening for the YSA (Young Single Adult) in our ward tonight so we’ll see how that goes my companion wants to teach marriage eternal......

I love my Mission I know that the Lord called me to the Congo. I know that the book of Mormon is the word of god. I know that Joseph Smith was called of God to return the gospel to the earth.

I love all of your emails I appreciate your support.

Pictures are:  Presidents Birthday dinner at the Chinese Restaurant.
The snails here are HUGE!
I am wearing my Raincoat with some other Elders.
Group Shot


Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

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