Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Hello everyone, 

This week was a normal one. Jk Oh wait I got to call home! That was awesome!!! It was great to talk to my family yesterday. My mom will put pictures on my blog from the Skype. Dexter’s hair is crazy and I’m jealous Bry got to go to the temple! Not sure about my feelings on the house. Wish I could help with it.

 We have a baptism for this week I am so excited for that. We taught a lot and then it rained a ton. We got water back but then we lost it again. It’s rough but then Sister Monga (the mission president’s wife) came over and told us she wasn’t sorry for us because we could be catching it every day!!! It rains so hard that we could fill up a 60 gallon trash can in 3 min! When they turn the water off we are supposed to catch it. We take bucket showers. It changes our morning routine with 6 Elders getting ready.

 Today was president’s birthday so we came and sang and then he took us out to Chinese food haha it was fun cuz all the missionaries in Brazzaville came. Sister Bills also made a cake. I love you guys and all of your support.

I was going to send some pics but the connection is to slow this week. I’ll try next week.


Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

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