Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! I love our flag! I get to see it every time I walk past the U.S. Embassy here. Be proud to be an American and take time to think about the freedoms you have and everything you do. And how you live in a country where you don't have to have the military drive around the streets all the time.

This week was filled with adventures and such nice things…. Now when would that ever happen haha just kidding this is the magic week we receive our transfer letters at the end of the week and we also have a baptism and oh wait we found a sweet investigator we just need to convert someone who's been analyzing scriptures longer than I’ve been alive easy enough right, well there's one thing that I do know that one I know that the book of Mormon is true yesss!!! And I know that people have been trying to prove it wrong for years without success so yea that’s easy but now we get to the hard part of getting someone to read it and ask god. We can all read stats and reports and those things are good and we can know it’s true but having a testimony that's what makes the difference.  Are we converted or are we convinced that is the question? I’m so grateful to be here in the Congo doing the lord's work I know he has sent me here to the Congo for a reason and well we'll never know all of the reasons and the benefits til after this life I love you all have a great week

Love Elder Stephens


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