Monday, August 15, 2016

Lizard Eggs

Bonjour tout le monde! (Hello Everyone!)

Comment allez-vous? (How are you?)

Bon (Good) this week was good we were assigned to work in two sectors because we closed one so we were super busy.

On Sunday our ward choir sung in Lary. It was really cool it sounded like something from Lilo and Stitch. Then we sang the third and fourth verse in French it was really awesome.

I saw a lizard lay eggs.... that was pretty cool. I wasn’t moving and I was like oh is it dead. Then it popped out an egg, oh so sorry mama didn’t mean to startle you and then we all just looked at it and she stared at me.....

Other than that our week was normal. I’m so grateful for all your support. Elder Holland 2010 October conference gave a wonderful talk about gratitude mom can you attach a link to it please? I listened to that talk this morning and it was just amazing. I think that sometimes we forget the wonderful people in our lives so thank you and I love you all.

(Great FHE video idea for tonight!)


Elder Stephens

Republic of Congo, Brazzaville Mission

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