Monday, April 24, 2017

Family, Trials, & Endurance

Hello Family & Friends,

Everyone is proud of their family. Yesterday I saw a picture of Elder Calls (senior missionary couple here) family and when I asked him about it he immediately came over to talk to me about it. I think about Grandparents and how they always like to talk about their grandchildren and children, and then I think about our Heavenly Parents and about how much they must love their family! I think about families that have lost children or the children have left or wandered and how much pain that can cause. And then I try to imagine what it is like for our Heavenly Parents. These are things that we sometimes have to go through. I sometimes wonder why some people go through different trials and why we go through our own trials. The only thing I do know is this life is JUST, but why does that person need that experience? What is the point the Lord is trying to make or teach? Sometimes we can see why the Lord gave us that trial or why the surgeon made that cut. And then sometimes we can’t, but what is important is that we know that our Heavenly Father is the teacher. He is the surgeon and he does know us best. He loves us all. He is proud of us and knows our potential. He is waiting for us at the finish line. I know these things are true. I know sometimes during a trial we need to pray for the strength to endure a particular trial. (Not for the Lord to take it away) I love you all and want the best for you and I keep you in my heart. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen,

Elder Stephens

Pic 1. A cookie from a Chinese restaurant. They went after Zone Conference with the Senior Missionary couple. It says I love you in French.  I am assuming that this pic was for meJ The lady at the restaurant said they would not be able to eat all the food they were given. He said they did!

Pic 2 & 3 The gentleman Preston baptized Saturday.  

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