Monday, May 22, 2017

Serving big or small

Hello Everyone,

This week we had a big service. There were three converts baptized from two different branches and a kid who just turned 8. It was really awesome. This week my companion and I started to study English a lot so that he can learn it and be able to use it to get jobs when he goes home. On Saturday it rained really hard. One of our investigators house roof was destroyed a couple of weeks ago. So it floods now. We called and asked if we could help and they said yes thank you so much but then when we got there they had already finishedL So we shared a message and went to get ready for the baptisms. I know that when we serve people we can truly feel the saviors love for us. I challenge you this week to find an occasion to serve someone. Small and simple are just as important as the big projects.

Love you all and Good Luck,

Elder Stephens

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